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"What's the Hold Up?" A Guide on Processing Time

You just ordered your Custom Controller and you can’t wait for it to arrive. A few days go by and you wonder, where is it?!

You log on to you computer and look up your order. You then come across the processing time, you read:

“standard processing time (2-4 weeks) plus shipping time”

You gasp and think to yourself, “2-4 weeks plus shipping, well that is absurd!”

Here is your guide to understanding why your custom controller may take a few weeks to arrive and that it is completely normal.


At Custom Controllerzz, each of our controllers are completely hand built. This means when you place an order, we go to work to build your very own, unique, one of a kind controller. Your controller is built with YOU in mind.

The true processing time for each controller depends on the specific type of controller you ordered. Some controllers may only take a few days to create while others may take a little longer to fully finish them with care and perfection.

When we receive your order, we go to work on creating the shell. This means we have it painted, airbrushed, hydro dipped or wrapped. This involves various different colors, techniques and patterns. We have specific technicians at Custom Controllerzz that do each different type of technique by hand.

When the shell is finished, we apply any custom gamer tags. This is when the shell goes into our clear coat process. At Custom Controllerzz, we only use the highest quality supreme clear coat. This clear coat is used to protect the controller from any scratches or damage to the paint. Plus it leaves it with a super sweet glossy finish!

The shell is now dry, it’s time for the next step!

This is when the fun part begins. We open up a BRAND new Microsoft or sony control (always wireless). We now assemble the controller. This means we add any custom buttons, triggers or inserts to the controller. We also use this step to add any rapid fire chips to the custom controller, creating an entirely modded controller. With our latest rapid fire technology, there is no need for external buttons (WOO!)

It’s finally assembled! You may think this is the last step, but there is one step left; Our testing phase. The controller is tested by not one person… but two people! All controllers go through intensive testing to make sure that it functions correctly.

The controller is then polished and boxed for shipment. Next stop for this controller is your doorstep.

At Custom Controllerzz we make every controller with you in mind. A true custom gaming controller takes time, care and professional technicians doing the work.

Note: Though our standard processing is 2-4 weeks, we do offer rushed processing. Your controller order will be placed at the front to be made first but it is still made with care.