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Rapid Fire Question and Answer

Why Choose Rapid Fire?

It’s time to purchase a new controller and there are many decisions that need to be made. The color of the shell, the design, triggers, buttons and so on. After you’ve chosen and built your very own controller, you get down to the rapid fire add on option. Then you think to yourself, is rapid fire worth it?

Rapid fire enhances your gaming experience. It boosts your gaming abilities to a new level and helps you beat your competition.

The Q&A

So who can get rapid fire and what do I use it for?

The rapid fire feature works for almost all first person shooter games. This includes video games such as Black Ops 3, Halo and Destiny. Custom Controllerzz Rapid fire can also be used in games such as NHL and Madden for the perfect kick or slap shot.

What system does rapid fire work with?

Rapid fire is designed to work for all 4 systems. This means there are rapid fire chips compatible for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Custom Controllerzz rapid fire is even more superior because with our latest rapid fire technology, there is no need for external buttons.

How does it improve you during the game?

The rapid fire will transform semi-automatic weapons including pistols and primarily assault rifles into fully automatic weapons. This means that instead of pulling the trigger each time to shoot , the user will press and hold and the weapon will continuously fire. This dramatically increases the rate of fire during game play.

What are some specific features of rapid fire?

Every mode is also fully user programmable and included in the rapid fire you will also receive the following submodes:

Adjustable rapid fire- With this mod enabled you will be to change the shots per second fired. With that you will be able to increase or decrease the shots fired based off the game being played.

Drop Shot- With the mod enabled you will be able to drop your character to the ground once the trigger is pulled. You'll be shooting your enemy while dropping saving precious seconds and staying alive.

Quick Scope- With this mod enabled you will be able to program the left trigger to precisely scope your weapon. Time is everything, be accurate and claim your next kill.

Auto Scope- With this mod enabled you will be able to maintain the scope feature by automatically holding the characters breath.

Auto Run- With this mod enabled you will be able to "run" or "sprint" by just holding the thumb stick normally. No need to click and hold!

Burst Mode- With this mod enabled you will be able to set your rifle to shoot 2,3,4, or 5 round bursts. Bursts will help with accuracy and help get you another kill.

Akimbo- With this mod enabled you will be able to have dual trigger rapid fire. Bring out both pistols and start firing!

Double Tap- With this mod enabled you will be able to shoot twice with each and every trigger pull. Your weapon will fire once the trigger is pulled also when it's released.

Fast reload- With this mod enabled you will be able to reload faster by cutting the animation. No need to waste precious seconds, reload faster and kill more enemies.

Auto Drop- With this mod enabled you will be able to drop to prone position faster instead of holding the "B" button.

Jitter- With this mod enabled semi automatic weapons will be transformed into fully automatic's when firing from the hip.

The rapid fire will bring your gaming to a whole new level and enhance it entirely. The Custom Controllerzz rapid fire feature is a great add-on feature to any controller.

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